A Golden Dragon cast down by Bahamut for his pride, seeking redemption through the cause of good as a Dwarven Paladin.


AC 16 (Chainmail)
HP 13
2 Str Save
-1 Dex Save
+3 Con Save
-1 Int Save
+1 Wis Save
+4 Cha Save
Warhammer – hit +4 Dmg 1d8
Hand Axe (2) – hit 4 Dmg 1d62 range 20/60


As a Gold Dragon, Gibly was cast down by Bahamut for his pride into the body of a dwarf. Found in the city of Mirabar, Gibly trained to become a Paladin and follow Bahamut’s one clear command: to prove himself toward the cause of good.

In his travels, Gibly made his way to the city of Scornubel, the Caravan City. There, he joined up with the Red Shield Roughnecks and became good friends with Kammin Silvervein Silberader, the self-proclaimed grandson of the famed dragon slayer.

Gibly’s former life is but a dim memory. Through his travels and adventures he hopes to restore his memory, and claim back his rightful side by Bahamut.


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