Kammin Silvervein Silberader

A brash young dwarf barbarian with a big head, and a big heart


AC 14 (unarmored)
HP 15
+5 Str Save
+1 Dex Save
+5 Con Save
-1 Int Save
+1 Wis save
+0 Cha Save

Greataxe – Hit 5 Dmg 1d123
Handaxe (2) – Hit 5 Dmg 1d63 Range 20/60
Javelin (4) – Hit 5 Dmg 1d63 Range 30/120


Kammin is the grandson of a Dragonslayer, and a Lieutenant in the Red Shield Roughnecks, an auxiliary unit formed in the Red Shield army protecting Scornubel. As a roughneck, he isn’t known for thinking things through. Fiercely independent, loyal to his family name, and not as brave as he always claims to be, Kammin is friends with Gibly, who encourages and aids him in his fight for the good of Scornubel and his family name.

Recently, while bragging about one of his family’s many dragon slaying exploits in the town of Greenest, he prompted the anger of some men traveling through the town. They beat him within an inch of his life, leaving him barely able to escape. As he fled in fear for his life, the men shouted that the Cult of the Dragon always finishes what it started.

Kammin Silvervein Silberader

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