Destiny and Doom

The Pick and Pickle

Like any good adventure, this one starts with a bar fight. At the Pick and Pickle Inn, Hukthak and Sia find themselves face to face for the first time, and they aren’t so happy about it. With gratuitous drinking on both parts, Hukthak’s lament over his terrible father raises the ire of a certain somber half-elf in the corner. The otherwise quite Sia shoves his way to Hukthak, and quickly finds his way into a brawl.

Blows are exchanged: first insults, then some poor fool in the crowding audience takes an empty bottle to the face, then the two actually start hitting each other. The fight is close to the end, with Hukthak landing the K.O. on his last hit point. Sia falls and is thrown out by the exuberant crowd, and praise is made to the victorious sailor. The cheers short lived however, as the Neverwinter guard arrives to settle the disruption.

Society has never been kind to half-orcs, and this night was no less than one behind bars for Hukthak. Sia spends his night in the alley, unconscious and bruised, with a small shadowy figure taking the opportunity to pickpocket his belongings. A troubled night, but one ripe with the bond of vengeance.



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