Tag: The Sword Coast North


  • Ardeep Forest

    A short-day's ride outside the walls of Waterdeep, Ardeep was the home of moon elves who could remember when their forest had stretched all the way to the High Forest and beyond.

  • Mere of Dead Men

    Centuries ago, thousands of human, dwarven, and elven warriors died in this salt marsh beneath the swords of an invading orc army. Drawn by tales of treasures sunk in half-submerged castles, adventuring parties continue to trickle into the area, emerging …

  • Neverwinter Wood

    This charmed forest to the east of the city of Neverwinter is perpetually warmed by the Neverwinter River that flows from beneath the previously dormant volcano Mount Hotenow. Humans and even orcs, fear the wood and tend to avoid it.

  • The Sea of Moving Ice

    Arctic ice floes pivot around permanent rocky outcroppings in the Trackless Sea. The floes are home to orc tribes, animals, and other creatures who can or must survive in the cold.

  • Goldenfields

    Tolgar Anuvien of Waterdeep founded this city years ago as an abbey to his deity. Under his careful administration, Goldenfields has grown into a fortified farmland covering more than thirty square miles, making it by far the North's largest city in …

  • Icewind Dale

    The northernmost human land below the great glaciers and the sea of ice, Icewind Dale is a collection of ten towns and villages populated by former nomads, tundra barbarians, rangers, hardy craftspeople, ice fishers, dwarves who live beneath the ice, and …

  • Mirabar

    Mirabar is the mining center for the Sword Coast. The city's shield dwarves live underground to oversee their workshops. The humans above cooperate with the dwarves to handle the mining, move the ore to market, and defend the city against magical …

  • Neverwinter

    A walled city of humans and half-elves, Neverwinter is cultured without being arrogant, bustling without being greedy, and charming without being quaint. The city is best known for the products of its master craftsfolk: lamps of multicolored glass, …

  • Waterdeep

    Waterdeep is the major cosmopolitan power of Faerun. It benefits from an excellent harbor, wise rule, a tolerant spirit, and a powerful magical tradition that generally produces stronger good wizards than evil wizards. Waterdeep contains at least one of …