Lords' Alliance

The Lords’ Alliance is a loose coalition of established
political powers concerned with mutual security and
prosperity. The organization is aggressive, militant, and
political. Fighters and sorcerers of lawful or neutral
alignments are commonly drawn to the Lords’ Alliance.

• Ensure the safety and prosperity of cities and other
settlements of Faerûn.
• Maintain a strong coalition against the forces
of disorder.
• Proactively eliminate threats to the established
• Bring honor and glory to one’s leaders and
one’s homeland.

• If civilization is to survive, all must unite against the
dark forces that threaten it.
• Fight for your realm. Only you can bring honor, glory,
and prosperity to your lord and homeland.
• Don’t wait for the enemy to come to you. The best
defense is a strong offense.

Member Traits
In order to seek out and destroy threats to their
homelands, agents of the Lords’ Alliance must be highly
trained at what they do. Few can match their skills in
the field. They fight for the glory and the security of
their people and for the lords who rule over them, and
they do so with pride. However, the Lords’ Alliance
can only survive if its members “play nice” with one
another, which requires a certain measure of diplomacy.
Rogue agents within the Lords’ Alliance are rare, but
defections have been known to occur.

• Cloak (rank 1)
• Redknife (rank 2)
• Stingblade (rank 3)
• Warduke (rank 4)
• Lioncrown (rank 5)

General Alignment: Lawful or Neutral

Enemies: Cult of the Dragon

Faction Insignia: Signet Ring (symbol palm side)

Lords' Alliance

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